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Greetings of Peace, love and blessings on this amazing day!

We are super excited to Introduce to you a brand new installment “Travel Luck, Helpful People - NorthWest Corner Energizer” from our up and coming album “Feng Shui”, which includes various formulas to improve all areas of your life including family, love, fame, career, prosperity, relationships, health and so much more.

This album will be available exclusively to our patreon family, gumroad and website as well. We will only introduce 2 formulas total for youtube.

As you may know, Feng shui (literally meaning “wind and water,”) is a complex system of ancient practices that aims to enhance your wellbeing inside a space (be it a home, an office, or a garden) by promoting a good flow of energy within that space.. Essentially, it is a method of arranging your environment so that energy, or "chi," flows though the environment, attracting balance and harmony in different areas on our lives while altering the energy in a space through the conscious arrangement of objects and colors.

Chi is the term used in feng shui to refer to the universal energy present in and around us. Ch’i is the animating life force that is everywhere; it “permeates your home, physical surroundings, the rivers roads, trees, and all people”. 

Our home is our safe haven, and we have probably never been more aware of this than we are right now, after a long few months of collective confinement. 

The way our homes are laid out, decorated, and maintained can have a powerful impact on how we feel, how productive we are, how well we sleep, the energy we attract and what we attract in our lives in general. Probably even more so if we share that space with other people, where our individual energies and personal styles are bound to affect one another.

Feng Shui is all about balancing five elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Their correct presence and placement in our space stimulates Chi and promotes our wellbeing. The optimal placement of the five elements is determined by the energy map of our space, called Bagua in feng shui.

The Bagua map (which translates to "eight trigrams" in Chinese) is an important tool for creating this kind of harmony and balance throughout a space. 

A bagua map is used to divide your space into nine separate areas—each one relating to a certain theme. The center square of the bagua is considered the heart of the home, where the energy is distributed to all the different sectors. 

Here are the nine areas in Feng Shui: 

1. Career, Life Mission and Individuality (North Corner) 

2. Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships (SouthWest Corner) 

3. Health, Family and Community (East Corner) 

4. Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth (SouthEast Corner) 

5. Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude (Center) 

6. Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel (NorthWest Corner) 

7. Children, Creativity and Fun (West Corner) 

8. Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest (NorthEast Corner) 

9. Fame, Reputation and Social Life (South Corner) 

The location of the front door determines the location of the prosperity corner, as the front door is considered the main entrance of "chi" into the home. 

The location of the front door determines the location of the prosperity corner, as the front door is considered the main entrance of "chi" into the home. 

In Feng Shui, the NorthWest corner represents the Travel Luck, Helpful People and Heavenly Luck energy area.

The element associated with this corner is while the energetic color is White, Grey, Black, Gold and Silver.   

Based on Feng Shui Principles, when you energize the Northwest Corner, you will be introduced with Universal Assistance in your journey while being accompanied with Heavenly Luck.

The Feng Shui Bagua Map recognizes and includes Travel Luck, Helpful People and Heavenly Luck as one of the eight major influences in our lives.

The NorthWest corresponds with opportunities, advancement, the help from others at the right place and right time in regards to your journey.

This area also enhances the ability to produce wealth and income through the efforts and advancement of the breadwinner of the household.

Energizing the Northwest Corner can also introduce mentor luck, guidance, a boost in your network and travel safety and luck. When looking to get away on a vacation or make an upcoming move go smoothly, this is the corner that should be energized.

Metal is the element for the northwest corner. Metal is the element of precision, simplicity, and clarity. It also represents righteousness, integrity, and joy which are all enhanced thru an energized northwest corner.

Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Helpful People & Travel corner of your surroundings, you can harness the power of those around you to help you achieve the things you desire in this life experience.

For example, if you are looking for some assistance to land a certain job, this area will improve your chances of connecting with right people or person to get you the job or position.

This complex and balanced qualified formula works balance, enhance, boost and energize the Feng Shui energy of your Travel Luck, Helpful People and Heavenly Luck corner (NorthWest) to guide you to the best opportunities in these areas of your life. If you’re an individual who wants to travel the world for business or pleasure, then pay special attention to North-West part of your home. Also, you’ll get tons and tons of helpful people in your life if North-West is strong.




*While Belief is very important, please make sure to drink plenty of pure water to maximize the effects of the frequencies.

*All Quadible creations are backed by pure love energy, LOVE is the most powerful vibration in the YOU-niverse.






Due to popular demand, we have created another outlet for all you loving reflections to benefit from. URL Attuned Audio files work with the same potency as our youtube videos work. Some individuals do not have access to the internet and we created this option so that you can still benefit as well. 

Universal Attunements are Audio files that are attuned to produce universal results. In other words everyone that listens to the Audio file can obtain results. Since this is Universally attuned it will provide more potent results than URL Attunements and is recommended for individuals who desire something more powerful. 

Personal Attunements are Audio Files catered to a specific individual. This means that the audio file differs from the Universal Attunements since it focuses all of its energetic properties and vibrations on one individual, which in turn produces faster results if needed. Keep in mind that this audio file is not needed if you are getting results from URL or Universally Attuned Audio Files

Karmic Attunements are also catered to a specific individual as well. Sometimes individuals may encounter slower results due to karmic reasons. (Yes , vision problems can be due to karmic reasons beloveds.) These audio files are attuned to clear these karmic blockages while providing personal attuned potency as well. Use this only when really needed.

Ethereal Attunements are once again catered to a specific individual, but works on an ethereal level, dealing with physical, spiritual, and auricle as well. This file is recommended for individuals who really serious about results on an etheric level. Blockages can occur on a physical, auricle or spiritual level and this audio works on dissolving these blocks while providing the results needed. This file is not needed if youtube, or the other attunements are working for you.

Celestial Body Attunements are once again catered to a specific individual, but work from a Celestial and Cosmic Genetic Make up thus producing even more amplified energy for faster results. Energized straight from the stars to produce fast molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter across space and time while benefiting all spiritual levels. This file is not needed if youtube, or the other attunements are working for you.


Due to popular demand, we will now be offering wav file format formulas. These wav files will include a boost of pure powerful energy to the file to boost results super fast! These files are delivered in WAV Format. NOTE: This file does not contain a thumbnail attached to file like the mp3 attunements do. If your audio media program does not play wav file formats, please do not order. When you order a WAV booster , it will come as WAV File Booster and also as the Mp3 attuned Version in a one zip file. If you do not have software that opens zip files, please do not order, thank you beloveds. This file is not needed if youtube, or the other mp3 attunements are working for you.

*Ancestral DNA Attunements N/A at the moment.

*Divine Esoteric Attunements N/A at the moment.

*Soul Origin Formatted Attunements N/A at the moment.

**ALL ATTUNEMENTS ARE ENERGIZED AND CATERED TO ONE SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL ONLY. Will not be effective if other person listens. They are specifically created to magnify the intensity and focus to one individual thus creating faster results.


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